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I’m still crying my heart out while trying to understend what the hell is wrong with this world… But even though it I’m kind of happy. Why? Because when I look at all the fandoms now I see we really are like a family. We might argue and fight during happy times but when something happens when some of us are hurt we stick together. My dash is full of Cory but it’s not just from Gleeks- I’ve seen lots of other posts: Potterheads raising their wands, Hunters building a funeral pyre, Tributs doing their gesture of honour,… And it’s all for him. For a member of one fandom…

The tag #AllFandomsAreHereToSupportGleeks is trending on twitter. And you can find there the most beautiful posts and pictures:


We might have lost Cory today but weren’t left behind.
We might be lonely in our ‘real lives’ but we’re never alone in our hearts. 
We might be the ‘broken toys’ but we’re the strongest ones…

If any of you guys ever think you are alone just remember- you have the biggest family in the world! And if you ever want to just talk we’re here- all of us: Potterheads, Gateheads, Sherlockians, Whovians, Hunters, Demigods, Tributes, Gleeks, Losties, Oncers, Narnians, Members of the Fellowship of the Ring, Jedi, Avengers, Starkids, Twihards, Treckie… and all others… and if you just try to write a message I’m sure it won’t stay unanswer :)

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